You May Have Heard…

You may have heard some really, really bad things about the PC(USA).

In this video below Jack Haberer, past editor of The Presbyterian Outlook and a self proclaimed “hard core” evangelical Christian, appeals to you to reconsider the things you’ve been hearing about the PC(USA)… about the authority of Scripture, the lordship of Jesus Christ, the Trinity, the Voices of Sophia movement, the ordination of homosexuals, interfaith relationships, and Israel/Palestine.

Jack explains why we’re not as bad as you have heard, and why the “there” isn’t quite as good as you might imagine.

He sets the record straight and then concludes by saying,

“There are rumors afoot in the Presbyterian Church that are so frankly inaccurate.  There are accusations not being well addressed all over this denomination…God (has) put me in enough positions of leadership and involvement…and I know a lot more than a lot of folks are getting out to hear…I’m telling you the truth, if you heard the otherwise then you weren’t getting it from a good source.  And I don’t want it to sound like I’m God’s answer to the truth, Jesus is that, God forbid that I be that, but I really am speaking as I have with passion because I stand for the truth.

If those things that they’re saying about the denomination were true I’d be the first to leave.  I’d be gone too.  Because Jesus does matter, the Bible does matter, the Trinity does matter.  Those things are so essential, they’re non-negotiable for me.  They also are non-negotiable for the denomination I’m a part of, at least at this time in my life and so I’m staying.”

Let’s #StayPCUSA together.