Putting The Cart Before the Horse

Cart Before the HorseI’ve never had any doubt First and Calvary’s Cherry Street leaders wanted to affiliate with ECO.  

Of the two alternatives First and Calvary is considering, ECO and EPC, ECO’s positions on several issues, including the ordination of women, seem like a better fit for First and Calvary.  

Nevertheless First and Calvary is going through the motion of doing their due diligence by meeting with representatives from ECO and EPC this week.  

  • September 13: ECO representative to preach and meet with session after church
  • September 16: ECO/EPC congregational forum
  • September 20: EPC representative to preach and meet with session after church
  • September 22: Denomination committee to make recommendation to session
  • September 23: Congregational forum presenting new denomination with Q&A session
  • September 27: Congregational meeting after worship to ratify new denomination

Even though I fully expect the end result to be that First and Calvary will affiliate with ECO I was still surprised to find First and Calvary’s pastor, Andrew Chaney, listed as an ECO minister on the ECO website today – September 14 – a full week before the denomination committee intends to make its “recommendation” to the session. 

ECO Minister Members

I imagine there is a good explanation for why Andrew’s name is listed as an ECO minister two weeks before the congregation votes to ratify their new denomination, but if nothing else I’d say it’s a pretty good indication of where First and Calvary’s Cherry Street leaders are heading on September 27.  

Of course if I was the EPC representative I’d be wondering what I was doing in Springfield this week.  So just in case he’s reading this here is my advice to him…Get out and enjoy Springfield.  It’s a great city!  And try Metropolitan Farmer while you are there, it’s one of my favorite places to eat.